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Country, annual hydroelectricity production, installed capacity (2006 data including pumped storage schemes)

Largest hydroelectric power stations

The La Grande Complex in Quebec, Canada, is the world's largest hydroelectric generating system. The eight generating stations of the complex have a total generating capacity of 16,021 MW. The Robert Bourassa station alone has a capacity of 5,616 MW. A ninth station (Eastmain-1) is currently under construction and will add 480 MW to the total. Construction on an additional project on the Rupert River was started on January 11, 2007. It will add two stations with a combined capacity of 888 MW.

NameCountryYear of completionTotal CapacityMax annual electricity productionItaipúBrazil/Paraguay1984/1991/200314,000 MW93.4 TeraWatt (TW)-hoursThree Gorges DamChina2004*11,200 MW (July 2007); 22,500 MW (when complete)84.7 TW-hoursGuriVenezuela198610,200 MW46 TW-hoursGrand CouleeUnited States1942/19806,809 MW22.6 TW-hoursSayano ShushenskayaRussia19836,721 MW23.6 TW-hoursKrasnoyarskayaRussia19726,000 MW20.4 TW-hoursRobert-BourassaCanada19815,616 MWChurchill FallsCanada19715,429 MW35 TW-hoursBratskayaRussia19674,500 MW22.6 TW-hoursUst IlimskayaRussia19804,320 MW21.7 TW-hoursTucuruiBrazil19844,240 MWYaciretáArgentina/Paraguay19984,050 MW19.2 TW-hoursErtan DamChina19993,300 MW (550MW×6)17.0 TW-hoursGezhouba DamChina19883,115 MW17.01 TW-hoursNurek DamTajikistan1979/19883,000 MWLa Grande-4Canada19862,779 MWW. A. C. Bennett DamCanada19682,730 MWChief Joseph DamUnited States1958/73/792,620 MWVolzhskaya (Volgogradskaya)Russia19612,541 MW12.3 TW-hoursLa Grande-3Canada19842,418 MWAtatürk DamTurkey19902,400 MWZhiguliovskaya (Samarskaya)Russia19572,300 MW10.5 TW-hoursIron GatesRomania/Serbia19702,280 MW11.3 TW-hoursJohn Day DamUnited States19712,160 MWLa Grande-2-ACanada19922,106 MWAswanEgypt19702,100 MWTarbela DamPakistan19762,100 MWHoover DamUnited States1936/19612,080 MWCahora BassaMozambique19752,075 MWKarun III DamIran20072,000 MW4.1 TW-hours

* Powered first 14 water turbogenerators

Major schemes in progress

NameMaximum CapacityCountryConstruction startedScheduled completionCommentsThree Gorges Dam22,400 MWChinaDecember 14 19942009Largest power plant in the world. First power in July 2003, with 10,500MW installed by June 2007.Xiluodu Dam12,600 MWChinaDecember 26 20052015Baihetan Dam12,000 MWChina20092015Still in planningWudongde Dam7,000 MWChina20092015Still in planningLongtan Dam6,300 MWChinaJuly 1 2001December 2009Xiangjiaba Dam6,000 MWChinaNovember 26 20062009Jinping 2 Hydropower Station4,800 MWChinaJanuary 30 20072014To build this dam, only 23 families and 129 local residents need to be moved. It works with Jinping 1 Hydropower Station as a group.Laxiwa Dam4,200 MWChinaApril 18 20062010Xiaowan Dam4,200 MWChinaJanuary 1 2002December 2012Jinping 1 Hydropower Station3,600 MWChinaNovember 11 20052014Pubugou Dam3,300 MWChinaMarch 30 20042010Goupitan Dam3,000 MWChinaNovember 8 20032011Boguchan Dam3,000 MWRussia19802012Son la Dam2,400 MWVietnam2005Bureya Dam2,010 MWRussia19782009Ilısu Dam1,200 MWTurkeyAugust 5 20062013one of the Southeastern Anatolia Project Dams in Turkey

Those 10 dams in China will have total generating capacity of 70,400 MW (70.2 gigawatt (GW)) when completed. For comparison purposes, in 1999, the total capacity of hydroelectric generators in Brazil, the third country by hydroelectric capacity, was 57.52 GW.


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